Patriots click to create clinching pick

22/11/2010 16:31

It was just like 2009: the big lead, the dominating performance, the playoff implications on the line and then the mad dash to survive at the end. On Sunday, the Patriots made one more play than the Colts, and they wound up with a 31-28 victory at Gillette Stadium.ugg tall Looking for more scoop on your favorite New England sports teams? Check out NESN. After the Patriots built their 31-14, fourth-quarter advantage -- identical to the lead they gave away at Lucas Oil Stadium in last season's 35-34 loss -- it was easy to note the parallels. But this Patriots team had been different for a number of reasons, and there was little reason to believe it would slip away again. Of course, that wasn’t the case. But then again, this Patriots team did display how different it is from last year's unit. "For a minute, I was thinking, 'deja vu,'" said Patriots safety James Sanders, who intercepted Peyton Manning on the Colts' final drive to seal the victory. "As a defense, we knew if we didn’t make a play, we were going to lose the game. (Manning) wasn’t going to just give it to us, so we had to go out there and take the win. We made a play at the end, and we came out on top."ugg short Sanders' second fourth-quarter pick in as many weeks served as a symbol of how different the Patriots have truly been. At the start of the play -- a first-and-10 from the New England 24-yard line with 37 seconds remaining -- linebacker Gary Guyton jammed Colts tight end Jacob Tamme at the line of scrimmage, which allowed Sanders a little extra time to sit back and read Manning. When Sanders recognized cornerback Devin McCourty was singled up along the right sideline with wide receiver Pierre Garcon, whose goal was the end zone, Sanders dropped back to cover that angle and let Guyton stay with Tamme on the shorter route. Meanwhile, outside linebacker Jermaine Cunningham beat right tackle Ryan Diem and forced just enough pressure on Manning that he couldn’t step into the throw. As the ball fell shy of Garcon, Sanders was in position to leap backward and haul in the interception at the 6-yard line. That combination of events -- the jam at the line, the read and recognition from Sanders, the break from Cunningham and an entire game's worth of different defensive looks -- turned the Patriots into victors. "It felt good," Sanders said. "We haven’t beaten those guys in a while. It seems like we always get ahead, get a nice lead and they always come back at the end. We knew it wasn’t over until the end, and we just kept fighting and made the plays we needed."ugg boots Classic

'Dancing with the Stars' Week 9 Live Results: The Semi-Final Elimination

17/11/2010 11:08

'Dancing with the Stars' Week 9 Live Results: The Semi-Final Elimination Time for the semi-final results! The night when we find out who will be the top three celebrities on this season's Dancing with the Stars! Which stars will make it to the finals? And who will be eliminated?ugg boots for sale I honestly have no idea. Some guesses, but not much in the way of firm ideas. Very frustrating. Also, kind of fun! Who do you expect to leave? Much like the speculation swirling around the web, our predictions are close and unsure this week. While a slim majority of BuddyTV readers think that Bristol and Mark will go home (55 percent of those voting), a sizable minority have chosen Brandy and Maks (40 percent of the votes) as the ones to go home. Kyle and Lacey and Jennifer and Derek seem safe, at least in our minds, but is anybody really safe at this point? Not so much. Did you miss anything? We can't have that! So, if you were unfortunate enough to miss even one second of the action on last night's Dancing with the Stars, we can help. Want to read all about the dances? Then you should check out our week 8 live performance recap! It's a lovely thing, I assure you. For the more pictorially incline among you, may I suggest the performance rankings? Or you can just keep reading for the briefest of recaps. This week, each pair was responsible for two fully choreographed and rehearsed dances. All proved up to the challenge -- when the lowest score of the night is a 26, you know it's pretty good. ugg boots for cheap In the tough crowd, Jennifer and Derek emerged triumphant in the eyes of the judges -- perfect 30s for both their cha-cha and waltz! Kyle and Lacey were not far behind with their two dances, each of which earned 29 points from the judging table. Brandy and Maks didn't quite match the leaders with their initial paso doble (27 points), but they came back with a vengeance for the waltz and earned a perfect 30 of their own. Bristol and Mark came out strong to a 27-point paso doble, and then kept up the effort with 26 points for a waltz. Close scores for a semi-final! Which is why this could go to anyone. So why don't we all go to the show and find out what's coming our way? It's time for The Results Show! Everyone's out of the stage -- Brandy looks completely freaked out. I mean, she's in danger, but not worth freaking out yet. Tonight's encore will be... Brandy and Maks doing the Argentine tango. Cool -- I liked that one. Maybe that's why Brandy was looking so scared. Brandy and Maks so often look like people you'd actually see on a dance floor -- only way better than most of such people. That was still pretty. Time for Annie Lennox to sing. Apparently, this is from a Christmas album or something. We're also getting some interpretive dance -- that's a little ugg boots

RockMelt social browser faces tough sell

11/11/2010 10:40

The odds are stacked against RockMelt, a new browser designed to serve as a social networking hub, industry analysts said moncler On Monday, Silicon Valley startup RockMelt launched a beta of what it called a "re-imagined" browser that tightly integrates Facebook, other popular social networking services, and a cloud-based service with a traditional Web navigation program. The move is interesting, said Al Hilwa, an analyst at IDC. But RockMelt has a tough row to hoe, he said. "The odds are really stacked against them, because if they do succeed, the big browser makers will just come in and co-opt it by adding features of their own," Hilwa said. Gartner's Ray Valdes agreed with Hilwa. "Having social features is not enough, given that general-purpose browsers can be extended in a similar fashion," he said, citing the numerous Facebook-centric extensions for Mozilla's Firefox as an example. More: Browser Topic Center Valdes said also that he thought RockMelt was a long shot because it was following in the footsteps of another browser with social networking aspirations.moncler online "Early adopters are the ones who would try out a new browser," Valdes said. "[But] they did that already with Flock, and that browser failed to gain broad traction." "Now users can choose between some very good general-purpose browsers, so the opportunity has narrowed for a new entrant," he said. As Valdes said, RockMelt isn't the first browser to focus on the likes of Facebook or Twitter. Flock has worked that side of the browser street for more than five years, to mixed success. In that time, Flock has collected about 9 million users, said the firm's CEO, Shawn Hardin, who classified 2.5 million of those people as "active" users who have run the browser at least once in the last month. Flock's active user base pales in comparison with other browsers. Mozilla, for example, claims that its Firefox has over 400 million active users, while earlier this year, Google said Chrome was being used by more than 70 million.moncler shop Firefox is the world's No. 2 browser, while Chrome is ranked No. 3. Both lag far behind Microsoft's Internet Explorer in usage share estimates. Hardin acknowledged that the bigger browsers could step up their social game. "I certainly expect that the major players will all be looking to serve the [same] social audience," he said. Flock doesn't even register in the data compiled by Web analytics firms such as Net Applications, said Vince Vizzaccaro, the company's vice president of marketing, since like RockMelt, Flock is actually a customized version of Chromium, the open-source browser project that Google backs. Chromium, which is based on Apple's WebKit engine, is also the foundation for Google's Chrome. "[RockMelt and Flock] are not broad or universal products," said Hilwa. "They taking the browser, then customizing it to manage your social networking affairs. They're as much a Facebook application as they are a browser." Valdes went further, wondering if the browser-based strategies of RockMelt and Flock even made sense. "There is a genuine need for a better method of accessing the broad range of social sites, but a browser may not be the best approach," he said. "It requires a big download and also needs to be updated frequently to keep up with the rapid evolution of social sites."ugg boots Classic And the difficulty every browser developer has in convincing users to switch is also at play, Hilwa said. Firefox, for instance, has acquired less than a quarter of the browser market in its six years of butting heads with IE. Even so, Hilwa applauded RockMelt and Flock for pushing the envelope. "I love the fact that there's experimentation taking place in browsers," Hilwa said. "And I do think that there is an opportunity here. This is a transformational era, and social networking is occupying more and more hours of our day." According to Nielsen's latest statistics, Americans now spend about 23% of their online time on social networking sites and services, up from 16% in 2009. By comparison, games, the second-most-popular activity, account for just 10% of users' online time. Hardin cited those numbers to argue that the future of browsers like Flock and RockMelt are bright. "Increasingly, social is a fundamental expectation of the modern user, and going forward it will be even more so, not less so," Hardin said. "We don't see it as short-lived phenomenon, but a fundamental shift. It's clear that social is here to stay." More: Browser Topic Center Other browser makers' reaction to the introduction of another rival were mixed. Google, for example, cheered RockMelt for its use of Chromium. "We launched Chromium as an open source project to help spur innovation in the browser space and we are excited to see other browsers adopting the code base," a Google spokesman said on Monday. "We welcome innovation in browsers that provides richer features for users." Mozilla, which develops Firefox, was more cautious. "Over the last decade, we've seen many browsers come and go," a Mozilla spokeswoman said. "RockMelt was developed in secret so we haven't had a chance to fully evaluate it, but we'll be interested to see if and how it addresses people's privacy concerns and if it finds a place in the market." Microsoft declined to comment on RockMelt's debut. "Any new browser has to offer something really, really compelling," Hilwa said. "RockMelt and Flock have latched onto a large user base, but the question is whether a significant portion of the 500 million Facebook users will think something like that is worth their while." Or maybe RockMelt is simply hoping to get bought by Facebook, Valdes speculated. "The social Web is hot right now, [and] a social browser serves the purpose of grabbing some attention and interest from early adopters," Valdes said. "If RockMelt can capitalize on that interest with other innovations, they might get enough traction to get acquired by Facebook." Users can apply for a RockMelt account at the company's Web site. The Flock browser, meanwhile, can be downloaded from Flock's site.

Nigerian Election Officials Train Ahead of January’s Voter Registration

08/11/2010 16:21

A senior member of Nigeria’s Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) said the electoral body has begun a 12-day training program to prepare its officials ahead of the scheduled January nationwide voter registration exercise.ugg style boots Nick Dazan, INEC’s assistant director of public affairs, told VOA the training program will ensure the electoral body produces a credible voter register to be used for the general elections.ugg boots for cheap “The commission is doing an integrated voter training exercise for its senior management staff... (This) will end on Friday. The idea is to familiarize the staff about the importance of having a credible voter register, which will, in turn, give rise to credible elections, and about how to train other staff about how to conduct the voter registration exercise, which is likely to take place in January next year,” he said. Recently, Nigerian lawmakers approved a constitutional amendment that would allow elections to be postponed until April. The elections are currently scheduled for January, but Nigeria's electoral commission has asked for more time to correct voter lists. Dazan maintained that the training forms part of the electoral body’s plan to organize credible elections in April.ugg boots on sale “The senior staffs were enjoined by the commission to take the exercise more seriously and to appreciate that only a credible register can give rise to elections that are credible and acceptable to Nigerians and members of the international community.” Both houses of parliament approved constitutional changes allowing elections to take place in as little as 30 days before 29th May, the date a new administration is scheduled to take office. The amendment still needs to be ratified by two-thirds of Nigeria's 36 state assemblies. The electoral commission has said it wants to carry out credible elections unlike the 2007 polls that observers said were badly marred by disorder, intimidation and fraud.ugg boots for sale President Goodluck Jonathan is facing at least four challengers for the ruling party's presidential nomination. Mr. Jonathan's predecessor, Umaru Yar'Adua, a Muslim, died 5th May following a long battle against kidney and heart ailments, and just three years into what was expected to be an eight-year presidency. All four declared challengers to Mr. Jonathan are Muslims. The challengers include Nigeria's former military ruler Ibrahim ugg boots

Call for home testing for HIV

04/11/2010 14:56

Laws and policies should be changed to pave the way for the kits' distribution, said Wits University academics Marlise Richter and Dr Francois Venter, and Andy Gray, a senior lecturer at the University of KwaZulu-Natal's medical school. ugg style boots "South Africa has reached a point in its Aids epidemic where individuals should be able to decide when and where they would like to test for HIV, and do so without having to involve anyone else," they said. They said the SA Medical Association (Sama) earlier this year warned the public against HIV self-testing kits. Sama had said it was risky for patients to test themselves "unmonitored", and warned this could lead to patients committing suicide. The warning had been echoed by the national department of health and the Treatment Action Campaign. The three experts said however the same objections would apply to any medical self test, including the existing test for type 1 diabetes, which had been a certain death sentence before there was widespread access to insulin. "The arguments against self-testing are largely based on vague fears with little or no evidence to support them," they said. ugg boots for cheap "It would seem sensible to provide increased access to HIV testing in a facilitatory way, encouraging people to access care in a way that suits them, rather than based on a model that encourages unnecessary 'Aids exceptionalism' and fear-mongering." They said it seemed that at present there was no legal impediment to supermarkets selling HIV testing kits, but that pharmacists were prevented by their code of practice from stocking them. There was no mechanism to regulate the quality and reliability of any self-tests, a matter which should be addressed urgently. Vuvuzelas can be a pain in the neck Writing in the latest issue of the SA Medical Journal, two German doctors have described what they say is the first case of a "vuvuzela-induced thyroid cyst". They said a 42-year-old man came to them complaining of painful swelling of the neck and difficulty in swallowing. ugg boots on sale An ultrasound scan confirmed a thyroid cyst, and the man's symptoms were relieved when the contents were drained with a needle. "On being asked whether he had raised heavy weights or pressed strongly, he responded that he had blown a vuvuzela during a recent World Cup soccer game," they said. The doctors, Alexander Mann and Kerstin Jungheim of the Endokrinologikum medical centre in Frankfurt, said thyroid cysts could appear spontaneously, and had been linked to activities which increased the pressure in the chest area. "For example, playing high notes on the trumpet, which belongs to the group of high-resistance instruments that includes the vuvuzela, may increase intrathoracic pressure up to 200cm H2O." ugg boots for sale Mann told Sapa on Monday that this represented a ten-fold increase in pressure. He said the fan, a German, had not incurred the injury in South Africa. He had been watching the game at a public viewing site in his home country. "We thought it was worth reporting," Mann said. "We thought it had some entertaining characteristics." South African researchers warned before the World Cup that the noise of the vuvuzela could lead to permanent hearing damage. cheap ugg boots

UPDATE: Barnes & Noble Rolls Out New Nook E-reader

02/11/2010 14:54

Barnes & Noble Inc. lifted the wraps on a new version of its Nook e-reader device on Tuesday that offers a full-color touch-screen in an effort to set it apart from the Amazon Kindle. Australia Ugg Boots The announcement--made during a media event hosted by the bookseller in New York City--comes one year after Barnes (BKS) introduced the first version of its e-reader as part of an effort to stay competitive in the fast-growing e-book space that has largely been dominated by the Kindle. The new Nook sports a 7-inch, full-color touch-screen, in contrast to the black-and-white E-Ink based screens commonly used by the Kindle and other e-reader devices. ugg australia sale Besides reading, the company said the Nook will also allow users to surf the Web and play music. The WiFi-only device will be available beginning Nov. 19 at a price of $249. The WiFi-only version of the Kindle sells for $139. E-readers are a growing business as more book publishers embrace the electronic format. The Kindle from (AMZN) is widely considered the leader in the market for stand-alone e-reader devices that use the E-Ink screen technology. Australia sheep boots But the market is becoming vastly more competitive with the growth of tablet computing devices such as the iPad from Apple Inc. (AAPL). The iPad has sold nearly 7.5 million units in its first two quarters on the market, according to Apple's financial statements. Amazon has never disclosed specific sales figures for the Kindle. In a statement on Monday, the company said sales of its latest generation of Kindles has already outpaced total Kindle sales in last year's fourth quarter. botas ugg Analysts expect Amazon to sell between 5 million and 6 million units of the Kindle this year. According to Forrester Research, Barnes & Noble has been battling with Sony Corp. (SNE) for a distant second place in the stand-alone e-reader market. Forrester analyst James McQuivey said the Nook is expected to sell close to 2 million units by the end of the year--which would be on par with the firm's estimates for Sony's e-reader line. "Nobody's close to Kindle," McQuivey said, predicting that the Kindle will total 6 million units this year.ugg outlet store

Community reels after killings

28/10/2010 15:17

A Shongweni father wept as he relived a midnight ordeal when a group of gunmen burst into his home and one of them raped his daughter on his bed, while he and his wife had to helplessly endure her piercing screams. nike air max 95 on saleThe traumatised 13-year-old was still in hospital on Tuesday and was receiving counselling. The gunmen then continued their devastating spree, killing five family members at a homestead about 500m away, after they had killed a man and wounded a pregnant woman. The incident, which happened late on Monday, has sent shockwaves through the community in Shongweni, west of Durban. One community member described it as “a horror crime of all times”. The seriousness of the crime has prompted the KwaZulu-Natal Safety and Security MEC, Willies Mchunu, to call in the Hawks, the elite police unit, led by its provincial head, Johan Booysens, to investigate. Ngenzeni Hlongwane, 40, and her three children, Nokuthula, 22, Thabani, 18, and Mthobisi Zulu, 8, and her two-year-old grandchild, Thalente Zulu, were shot and killed. The attackers also killed S’thembiso Nxusa, 29, shot and wounded his pregnant girlfriend, and then raped his 13-year-old sister’s girlfriend. The father of the rape victim, who cannot be named to protect the girl’s identity, said he had felt powerless. nike air max shoes for sale “I begged them to stop but they threatened to kill us. I could not save my daughter. I feel sad, really sad,” he said. Police believe that the same gang was responsible for the deaths and attacks at both homes. Yesterday, police were combing the area and questioning witnesses. Women around the area came to comfort both families. cheap nike air max shoes “It is sad to wake up in the morning and learn that the whole family has been wiped out. These are the people that we live with and we saw them yesterday, the children and everyone and now they are dead,” said a neighbour, Jabulani Zwane. Police spokeswoman Brigadier Phindile Radebe said that the first family was attacked around midnight by a group of unknown armed men. Radebe said a man was shot and killed while he was visiting his girlfriend. “The woman, who is seven months’ pregnant, was also shot and wounded while her 13-year-old relative was raped. The woman was taken to a nearby hospital.” She said police believed that the same group of men moved to another home, where they attacked and killed five family members. She said one of the children had tried to escape but was shot. cheap nike shoes Radebe said detectives from the Hawks and forensic science laboratory were on the scene, while the public order police unit had been deployed around the area. Provincial Police Commissioner Mmamonnye Ngobeni said police were working around the clock to find the suspects. Hlongwane’s uncle, Ernest Mnyandu, said the last time he was with his niece was on Saturday, after she had asked to see him. “She told me that a group of unknown men had come to her house to ask her about the piece of land she was occupying. She was worried about this,” he said. Mchunu, who visited both families, said “these ruthless killings can only be executed by criminals” and pledged that police would leave no stone unturned in their search for the killers. The department will hold a meeting today with the community policing forum, police and ward councillors to discuss crime in the area. ANC provincial secretary Sihle Zikalala called on the community to work with the nike air max 90

50 CENT isn't the first person I'd approach to adopt a rhinoceros

26/10/2010 09:46

Not that I know of any in need of a guardian. moncler buy But South African charity eBlockwatch has asked the controversial rapper to become the "godfather" of a rhino called Phila. The endangered animal has been shot nine times by poachers, and the group think Fiddy - struck by the same number of bullets on the streets of New York - will empathise with her plight. Andre Snyman, of eBlockwatch, said: "We want to ask him if he wants to become the godfather of our rhino so that he can create awareness worldwide about rhino poaching." moncler new york shop He also quipped that Phila should be renamed One Pound should the In Da Club star agree to take her under his wings. Fiddy - real name Curtis Jackson - has yet to respond to eBlockwatch's request. Maybe he's busy drilling out a rhino flap in his front door. Xbox Live South Africa : The Good, The Bad and The UglyMoncler With today’s earlier announcement that Xbox Live South Africa has finally gotten a solid release date, gamers are pretty jubilant. Now that the unicorns have ridden away on their magic rainbows, and the pixie dust has settled, let’s take a look at the benefits and deficits of local Xbox Live. The overwhelmingly positive news is of course, that we’re finally getting Xbox Live; and soon, too. This will help with locale based matchmaking games, ensuring we play with those in relative proximity, ensuring a lag-free, smooth online experience. It also means there will be far more south Africans on Xbox Live, as many people are unwilling to jump through the hoops necessary to connect to Xbox Live at the moment.Moncler outletHopefully, this’ll eliminate the multiplayer “bubble” that exists, where multiplayer games remain popular locally for about two weeks, before people default to old stand-bys like Halo, Call of Duty and Gears of War. Also, with confirmation that gamers will be able to migrate their Xbox Live UK and US accounts to ZA – keeping their Gamertags, collected gamerscore, MS points and remaining Gold subscriptions in-tact. There is, however, a caveat;Moncler clothing The Bad At the present time, after migrating your account, you will no longer be able to download games, music etc tied to your account. They are actively working to get around that restriction, so the content you’ve paid for becomes available to you again – but take that as a warning. Until it’s sorted, post migration, if your 360 dies you won’t be able to re-download the content you’ve paid for. Here’s what the official FAQ says on the matter : “Q: Will I be able to re-download purchased content after migration e.g. games, videos, music and apps? A: Our goal is to allow members to re-download all of their purchased content after migrating accounts, and we’re actively working to address this. However, at this point in time, once you migrate you will no longer be able to re-download content. Members should re-download purchased content to their hard drive or USB flash drive prior to migrating.Moncler jacket The Ugly And then there’s the pricing. The local retail price for 12 month Gold subscriptions will be a whopping R599 compared to the US price of $49.99 (R345), and UK price of £39.99 (R438). MS Points are a little more reasonable and will retail at R299 for 2100 points, a little more than the UK RRP of £25 (R273). Evopoints, for example, sells their worldwide 12 month subs for R399.moncler for sale There’s also the fact that for the time being the service may be slightly gimped. Additional services like Twitter, Facebook, Netflix, Zune and the like won’t be available for South African accounts at launch, but are expected at some point. There exists a host of pros and cons, and the decision over whether or not to migrate will require lots of thinking. Still, there’s no reason to dwell on the negative. We finally have Xbox Live – and that’s something to shout about.moncler storekids toys cheap childrens toys christmas gifts christmas gifts 2010

‘It’s our time to shine’

19/10/2010 10:24

New Delhi - Cameron van der Burgh had a special message for New Delhi and the rest of the world from South Africa written on the palms of his hands after he had won his country’s third gold medal at the 19th Commonwealth Games yesterday afternoon. ugg boots on sale Ke Nako was scrawled in thick, black, waterproof ink, spread across the width of the hands that had cupped and pulled him to victory. “It’s our time to shine,” said Van der Burgh, who had broken the Commonwealth Games record to win the 100m breaststroke in 1 minute 0.10 seconds. The spirit of the World Cup runs strong in the swimmer, as it does in the rest of this young swimming team at the Games. women ugg boots on sale It was a good day for South Africa in the pool yesterday after the country won three medals in the pool and one in wrestling, taking its total to nine. Roland Schoeman was disappointed at having to settle for bronze in the 50m butterfly as the defending champion, although the youthful 4x200m freestyle relay team were all high-fiving each other after their third place. ugg australia bootsDean van Zyl won bronze in the 74kg Greco-Roman wrestling category to take the tally to nine. But the golden boy yesterday was Van der Burgh. “There was so much pain at the end of the final lap, so much pain,” he grimaced. UGG Boots outlet “I tell you what, carrying the flag was a lot easier than this. The last 10 metres I could feel the burn. I knew the guys were coming, but I just kept going.” That he did in a rhythm of “ke nako, ke nako, ke nako”. That World Cup phrase might just have legs now that the World Cup is just a memory.UGG Boots uk Van der Burgh has created a quintessential South African moment, a picture that will endure as long as Francois Pienaar and Madiba in 1995, Josia Thugwane in 1996 and the Awesome Foursome swimmers in 2004. UGG Boots sale Van der Burgh, a Pretoria boy born, bred and trained, is a rare breed in a country that has a history of having to send its best swimmers to universities in the US to fine-tune their craft. He is living the South African dream. fashion ugg bootsugg boots for sale ugg australia on sale cheap Moncler moncler jackets on sale

Blog awards grow in SA

12/10/2010 14:24

Cape Town - Watkykjy was nominated as the News24 South African Blog of the Year at an event held at the One and Only Hotel in Cape Town. "We are extremely happy to see that blogging is slowly spreading across more languages and cultures of South Africa," said JP Naude, CEO of the SA Blog boots "This year we saw a record number of public votes entered, in fact an increase of more than 300%, which is partly due to the fact that we allowed more votes. This system allowed for the recognition of dedicated bloggers who blog more frequently. In addition the new system has raised the level of awareness for blogging substantially," he added. The SA blog awards are designed to provide encouragement for South African bloggers, who make up about 50% of the local internet population. "It (the SA Blog awards) is to showcase the best of blogging and if you consider that there are so few people who are online in this country, it's incredibly crazy when you look at the number of people who blog here," organiser Chris Rawlinson told News24.ugg style boots Exposure He said that the awards would help successful bloggers to do well and improve their blogs. "There's no other reward for them (bloggers). This competition helps them to continue doing well and people who win end up being more successful in their blogs. "It also brings exposure to bloggers. We had finalists tell us that they've seen their traffic increasing." Rawlinson said that despite the size of the internet market in SA, bloggers are passionate about what they do and that blog popularity could lead to celebrity status, as in the US and other developed countries. "The interweb has given us an age of communication we have never experienced before. I truly enjoyed the process of studying the finalists in depth and I am impressed that our SA bloggers are on par with the rest of the world," said Robin Oliver, who judged the science and technology shopping Rawlinson criticised those who suggested that blogging was of questionable value because of the minority of people who have access to the internet in SA. "It shows you who's more forward-thinking, doesn't it? Beside the number of people who access the internet via their computers, there are many more who access it through their mobile phones. Mobile data in this county is astonishing. "If you've got political parties who engage with Twitter, for example, it gives them access to grassroots," he said.ugg boots for sale Regulation But he insisted that cost was still a huge barrier to entry. "My phone bill here is way high - about triple my UK bill which includes uncapped data and phone calls."ugg boots on sale Rawlinson said that it was impossible to regulate free speech on the internet but warned that "trolls" were on the prowl to cause controversy. "The beauty of the blogging is that there's no regulation and if people want to clamp down on free speech online, they will find it impossible - the only way to do it is to turn the internet off - and then people will go crazy.moncler "There will always be trolls - people who trawl the internet for controversy - or create it themselves. But most people can see they're trying to cause shit. If they're popular, it's because they're humorous - people don't take them seriously," he said. Rawlinson said the judges were looking for original content and, in the future, they intend on expanding the awards.jackets air max shoes air max air max 90 air max 95

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