Adidas sales in China fell leveraging Taobao try changing situation

02/09/2010 10:15
Ben Wang News ( reporter Yang Miao ) today , sporting goods giant Adidas and Taobao jointly announced a strategic cooperation , the official Adidas flagship store Taobao Mall officially opened the same day . Taobao Mall once again usher in the official heavyweight international brands to enter, Adidas has thus opened the way e-commerce in China .sale ugg boots Adidas Greater China CEO Christophe Bezu said , take this opportunity , Adidas have the opportunity to understand and meet over the Internet consumer demand Chinese consumers . It is understood that Taobao Mall Adidas flagship store by the Adidas Sport (China) Limited direct operations , Adidas 's many sub- brand on-line at the same time , in the physical stores , only Beijing Sanlitun Adidas Brand Center to find such a complete portfolio of products . Adidas will be the first line of more than 200 products and plans to gradually all commodities across the board on the line . To celebrate the flagship store opened on August 15 -17 days in the shop, items are Wuzhe price promotions .Air yeezy Earlier, on August 14 evening , Taobao Mall name shoes in the museum's new promotion , the day has just built a good start -style operations Taobao Mall Adidas flagship store was Feng Qiang , less than 3 hours to complete the 3000 transaction , Average 3.6 seconds to complete a transaction . German time on August 4 , Adidas announced the semi-annual report shows that Greater China market revenue declined by 16% year on year , Adidas global market, the only negative growth in six areas .Nike Air yeezy Externally, the well-known sports brand Li Ning, China has already eyeing . In 2009, its second and third line of regional strategies , Li Ning, China, has exceeded sales of Adidas . And Li Ning has been the first to enter the 2008 Taobao Mall , now the official Taobao Mall Li Ning 's flagship store has become all the stores in the sales of Li Ning title . In 2009, Taobao Mall light , Li Ning commodity transactions on more than 50 million yuan .cheap nike shoes In this case, the Adidas store in expanding the basis of the ground , but also paying attention to online sales channels . Christophe Bezu said , Taobao Mall Adidas flagship store , Adidas in China, the most important step in e-commerce strategies . Nike Air Max Ltd 2