Adidas VS Nike : The most special Olympic marketing PK

19/08/2010 11:39
"I heard that Nike signed the ' Running Fan ' ! " June has started rumors that the network news ,Air Jordan 18 a few days later denied Nike tongue-lashing . Adidas and Nike, now is the final stage of Olympic marketing , the pursuit of both exposure have reached levels of sophistication . However, in view of many people , in making " trick " , the Nike seems superior . I'm afraid not crisis stronger partner of the Beijing Olympics .born half a century later into China Nike earlier , and about 30 % of current market share of sports shoes market in China commandeered the boss . Adidas brand awareness in China less Nike , and even 30 years from the last century since the glorious history of the Olympic Games sponsorship few people know . Adidas and Nike in this particular PK, not only related to China, but is related to the world . Back in early 2007 , Adidas chairman and CEO Herbert Hainer had asserted in 2010 , Adidas is expected to reach 1 billion euros in China sales target ; while driving through the Olympic Games , 2010 Adidas sales in the world is expected to reach 100 million euros.Air Jordan 19 At present, Adidas 's sales in only about 50 billion yuan. Adidas worried most about is that it is " Beijing Olympic Partner " title to pay about 100 million U.S. dollars , while the Olympic Games in Beijing , China 28 major events in the 22 team will be dressed with a resistance G logo sportswear and sports shoes competition , and was frequently broadcast on television This is destined to be a stimulus for Landlords Games - Adidas is the "landlord " , Nike has got good cards . In order to be their common as a " second market " in China to gain an advantage , in order to not do " taken advantage " , Adidas did her best . However, the response to Nike the "old slippery " , is not that simple. Positive PKAir Jordan 20 "Let us look at the Nike surprised expression right . " November 30, 2007 , with the managing director of Adidas Greater China, Bowen Kang gave the cry , blonde Erica and Greater China, the Olympic project director Bi Po- yuan , vice president of market look passionately out of the meeting room , called men who went straight Across from the Beijing Yongding Gate tower . In order to achieve the grand goal of Herbert Hainer , from the end of 2007 , Adidas 's Olympic marketing war to enter battle, Bi Bao Yuan and Erica 's nerves are taut , they inadvertently vacation , play golf , not even idle Down products of coffee products , and even have control of the interview to reporters in a very short period of time . This evening , Bowen Kang in the Yongding Gate Tower on the start of the brewing for two years, 08 Olympic program - " nothing is impossible with the 2008 . " At this time Erica and Bi Bao Yuan finally relieved . Two years planning their Olympic marketing team more than 10 theme planning, discussion , PK , and continuous improvement in the birth of the optimal solution . Bao Yuan in the completion of the eyes of 08 virtually decided Adidas Olympic program in China, the biggest success of Olympic marketing trump card .Air Jordan 21 Since that time , " nothing is impossible with the 2008 " ad and would have appeared in major media , bus station , subway . BI Bao-yuan told reporters , in order to make Feng Kun , Zhao Ruirui , Hu Jia , Zheng Sui and other forces in the unity of the Chinese people to complete the exciting action scenes , Adidas brings together the United States , Europe , Brussels , and other branches have an advantage Resources and technology to Hollywood and produced in the United States .Air Jordan 22 Ideas can come from Adidas Greater China , and with them the long- TBWA advertising agency. "To crash out of inspiration , and we challenge each other . In addition to advertising, Adidas is also hoping to win the eye of outdoor activities . December 8, 2007 , in Shanghai, Nanjing East Road, Century Plaza , Adidas also to all kinds of fun sports games and high-tech interactive experience into the lives of ordinary people . In January 2008 most of the day , the Beijing Wangfujing Street are all over the Adidas outdoor advertising and Experience Center . Every day, wearing a down jacket for men and women in the long line waiting in the cold at 3 to 4 point is only an hour 's Adidas outdoor experiential activities . Many foreign tourists , in order to obtain a and Hu Jia as a template or Jichuan Adidas diving photo key chain , are willing to leave their precious time in the Olympic experience of Adidas . Similar outdoor activities are still Xi'an, Qingdao and Guangzhou start . Bao Yuan said , according to participants completed nearly 50 million people . In the battle front , Nike obviously not put up any defense .Air Jordan 23 Missing the Olympic Games title partner , it is difficult to take large-scale outdoor activities to promote contact Nike and the Olympics . And Adidas have been good luck , in June 2008 , " nothing is impossible with the 2008 "theme ad also won the Cannes International Advertising Festival awards . BI Bao- yuan that this award more people understand the world, China's Olympic spirit of solidarity , as well as the influence of Adidas in China .