Anta PEAK shoes technology still "hard skills"

27/08/2010 10:26
In recent months, first Scola, Durant, Carl set off to visit China boom, followed by Kobe Bryant, Howard, Nash, NBA star Kevin Garnett all these landing in China, the mainland cities to engage in commercial nike shoes NBA superstar in China have become "night" Bryant in 6 days to visit Beijing, Changchun, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Chengdu, five cities, while Ron Artest and Carl Landry in the 10 days were rushing 7 cities in the mainland. In China, both Howard's comedy, dance, or a poor Chinese Kidd, NBA star Wherever he went, there were not thousands of visitors. Size of the media rush to report, let's visit a local star a major sports and entertainment events.Nike Air Jordan Shoes NBA star's get together and come to China, also benefited from the international development of Chinese enterprises. In recent years, sports celebrity endorsements toLi Ning, Olympic,ANTAand other Chinese brands rapid rise of sports brands, Adidas,Nikeand other famous international brands formation of shocks. Facing the inevitable occurrence of the competition, yet to be developed in China, a huge market, the brands are sending their players to compete for endorsements.Nike Air Max Shoes But we should also be clear that, although from the endorser, the Olympic and anti adidas Anta has shortened the distance, but the shoes have a lot of technology gap, which is a common problem of domestic enterprises, need to continue working.air jordan Bryant's visit to Beijing propaganda NIKE ZOOM KOBE V is the lightest in the history of Nikebasketball shoes, weighing only 10.6 ounces (292 grams). This is a real help low basketball shoe for Kobe Bryant on the court's iconic fast-moving and accurate changes to the requirements of multi-crafted. Flywire upper technology used in high temperature fusion technologies and embedded arch design makes the most lightweight shoes to quality assurance of the maximum stability. Other technologies include, carbon fiber woven supporting board and NIKE ZOOM Air unit.Air yeezy Howard's visit to Beijing propaganda TS bounce Commander of the damping structure than previous models to more rigorous and scientific. This pair of shoes in the middle of the upper and lower part of the support section also seeks to add an arch structure, the damping system is more scientific, more significant role. The damping structure is attached to the shoe above the outsole, upper and lower one's sense of unity is for the balllacesto your feet synchronization with the highest score.Air Jordan 1 Anta and Olympic basketball shoes in the design and workmanship, it can be said to be no less in the same price Nike and Adidas products. But in science and technology, especially the basketball shoe cushioning technology core technology there is a large gap.Air Max Tn 10 Pick Battier boots with the three shock technology (cushion-3) + in the visible end of the high-intensity shock lead followed by some strength tablets + with a stabilizing effect of the TPUprotection clause of the configuration around .Air Max 89 Anta Scola's clouds basketball shoe is A-FORM arch of the foot shock + video "core" technology. Has recently been vigorously promoting the elastic rubber is also used only inrunning shoes, the basketball shoes are not involved.Air Max 90 Damping effect of the two shoes and wearing foot feeling respect, and carry the ZOOM Nike and Adidas, compared with the BOUNCE, or a larger gap between the hope that the two domestic manufacturers make persistent efforts to create a more perfect shoes.Air Max 95