Anthony New York, close contact with small fans pass Rucker Park Basketball Dream

24/08/2010 15:03

Locke Park Stadium as if overnight, become refined from the wild had .Air Jordan 18 Rough that some cracking of the concrete floor , mat the sleepers , cloth well in the circuit , then covered with a special block of indoor basketball floor , played in the sun shining after the wax . The barbed wire fence on the street is being temporarily moved to other places , replaced by temporary stands 7 layers . West side stadium is no longer alone in the electronic scoreboard , it 's the opposite and a large screen erected on both sides . Two new transparent backboard that looks more refreshing than the original that was on , but unfortunately , the old famous Maple Leaf flag rebounds not printed on top .Air Jordan 19 People who live in Harlem , early to know if this world famous street course to the recent changes in this way . After a period of time , nike basketballCarnivalAdvertisements throughout every corner of New York . Above that , a few sticks of Locke Park will serve as the national team preparing for World Championships in Turkey where warm-up training . Not rough .Air Jordan 20 The people here I am not much into what kind of specific sites . As long as people watch has not changed , mixtape explanation of change in cadence , here or Rucker Park . They only interested in what other man of this time to be here.Air Jordan 21 147 Street, living in a small Delimoer , the message is clearly better informed than others . Before long , he knows his idol , " Melon " Anthony will be in the U.S. time on August 13 to the scene to . So this morning he almost comes one of the earliest of the audience .Air Jordan 22 Anthony to attend the "Jordan Breakfast Club training program , " It is called , is taking " early bird gets the food children eat , " the implication . Delimoer apparently only to get up early bird , but he did not Harlem YMCA for those children lucky . Because they have been selected and several stars in the field training with people.Air Jordan 23 Anthony is in the morning the last three players who arrived at the scene . Close to 8 o'clock , when Anthony walked into the court, Wade and Paul have started and the small players to start training . After playing when Anthony , training to become a three star defensive and small players of the three pairs of the three exercises .