'Dancing with the Stars' Week 9 Live Results: The Semi-Final Elimination

17/11/2010 11:08

'Dancing with the Stars' Week 9 Live Results: The Semi-Final Elimination Time for the semi-final results! The night when we find out who will be the top three celebrities on this season's Dancing with the Stars! Which stars will make it to the finals? And who will be eliminated?ugg boots for sale I honestly have no idea. Some guesses, but not much in the way of firm ideas. Very frustrating. Also, kind of fun! Who do you expect to leave? Much like the speculation swirling around the web, our predictions are close and unsure this week. While a slim majority of BuddyTV readers think that Bristol and Mark will go home (55 percent of those voting), a sizable minority have chosen Brandy and Maks (40 percent of the votes) as the ones to go home. Kyle and Lacey and Jennifer and Derek seem safe, at least in our minds, but is anybody really safe at this point? Not so much. Did you miss anything? We can't have that! So, if you were unfortunate enough to miss even one second of the action on last night's Dancing with the Stars, we can help. Want to read all about the dances? Then you should check out our week 8 live performance recap! It's a lovely thing, I assure you. For the more pictorially incline among you, may I suggest the performance rankings? Or you can just keep reading for the briefest of recaps. This week, each pair was responsible for two fully choreographed and rehearsed dances. All proved up to the challenge -- when the lowest score of the night is a 26, you know it's pretty good. ugg boots for cheap In the tough crowd, Jennifer and Derek emerged triumphant in the eyes of the judges -- perfect 30s for both their cha-cha and waltz! Kyle and Lacey were not far behind with their two dances, each of which earned 29 points from the judging table. Brandy and Maks didn't quite match the leaders with their initial paso doble (27 points), but they came back with a vengeance for the waltz and earned a perfect 30 of their own. Bristol and Mark came out strong to a 27-point paso doble, and then kept up the effort with 26 points for a waltz. Close scores for a semi-final! Which is why this could go to anyone. So why don't we all go to the show and find out what's coming our way? It's time for The Results Show! Everyone's out of the stage -- Brandy looks completely freaked out. I mean, she's in danger, but not worth freaking out yet. Tonight's encore will be... Brandy and Maks doing the Argentine tango. Cool -- I liked that one. Maybe that's why Brandy was looking so scared. Brandy and Maks so often look like people you'd actually see on a dance floor -- only way better than most of such people. That was still pretty. Time for Annie Lennox to sing. Apparently, this is from a Christmas album or something. We're also getting some interpretive dance -- that's a little different...sale ugg boots