June 2010 top ten brand sportswear market share

20/08/2010 09:44
June 2010 , the top ten brand sportswear market, Air yeezythe market share of total consolidated 80.8 %, the top ten brands have a higher concentration level , the pattern of the leading brands are also relatively stable. NIKE and adidas continues to occupy the top two , comprehensive market share of 20% and above; third is Li Ning , comprehensive market share of 11.22% ; The fourth KAPPA, comprehensive market share of 9.22% ; fifth After the brand followed by Jordan ,Air Jordan 1 NIKE360, Anta , 36 once , Converse and American Mizuno , comprehensive market share were below 5%. Nike Winter Running Series 2010 New ListingAir Jordan 2 Nike Swift Y Back Bra sports bra for you in the running time function, comfort and style the perfect combination. Designed Dri-FIT mesh layer pad set , enhanced permeability bra , for high temperature thermal energy site to enhance wearing comfort . Flat seams structure helps to reduce skin irritations and wearing comfort , to bring the perfect personal feeling .Air Jordan 3 Particularly suitable for AB cup of runners , can provide high-intensity support , comfort and breathability.Air Jordan 4 Nike staged a "World Basketball Festival"We should lay in the world , " Nike Basketball = "image . In line with this theme, its New York stores , " Nike Town "is also surrounded by various elements of basketball .Air Jordan 5