Mario with Nintendo to launch Nike custom shoes

31/08/2010 10:33
Air yeezyFor the 80 's and 90's of the game players, Mario must be their childhood, an important part of life , do you remember when playing with the old Nintendo Mario 's days? Perhaps those days will be gone , but now you can customize the Nike X Mario co- paragraph DunksBasketballShoes to revisit those days . NIKE GOLF adding elements of fashion leisureAir Jordan 1 The culture of golf in China is gradually popular.NIKE GOLFsports brand has more than ten years development, China won the confidence, NIKE GOLF be welcomed and will also be worn when playing golf the self-evident rules, since it has reached its quality and its reputation gone, in life, golf is also occupy an important position. NIKE GOLF also strengthen the "life" of elements of feeling, let you in life also reflected a sense of movement to get the confidence! In addition, NIKE GOLF still movement on the basis of casual fashion with elements to make it more close to life.Air Max 90