Nike ingenuity and design

31/08/2010 10:44
Nike ingenuity and design , " eat " sports shoes Air Jordan 2Recently, the famous Chinese sports brand NikeNIKE intent of the Greek goddess of victory . NIKE is the world's leading sports brand , Nike translated into Chinese . The company is headquartered in Oregon, Beaverton. The company's sporting all-inclusive :ClothingFootwear, sports equipment and so on . Recently new tricks to play , commissioned by eight designers who , through the form of bread with Hamburg of their products .Air Max 95 Swedish designer M. FHusain Hamburg produced using a AirMax90 shoes , vivid . Let people met really do not know is that the wear it or eat it . Youth tennis tournaments Shanghai Shanghai teenager missed the final curtain stationShox 309 NZ PU Evening News 2010 "NJT" National Tennis Youth (U16) "public transport" Cup tournaments in the 12th Station Shanghai Station, Sunday came to an end. Shanghai teenager because of the strength can not enter the final of the finals less. The men and women singles champions from Tianjin Shen Xu and Yu Yuan  friends were, men's doubles title also by Tianjin Zeyu / Shen, Xu Friends of the acquisition, while the women's doubles crown from Guangdong's Liu Jing / Shi-Ying won. By the China Tennis Association, NIKE co-organized by Shanghai Xian Xia Tennis Center hosted the event not only to build a national junior tennis players to compete against the stage, but also for city athletes to strengthen exchanges and training opportunities to improve .Air Max 97