Shoes collections: the value of a car a few pairs of Need

02/09/2010 10:19
"James Olympic Limited Edition" basketball shoe for the "shoe culture" is the dream of an enthusiast in terms of collection, as only 114 pairs worldwide, but also to commemorate the eight-team Olympic basketball dream to win a specially designed. Among 114 pairs of shoes which, in Chinese eyes so, on 6 and 8, the most valuable, is James's jersey number 6; 8, a symbol of "Dream 8", the Olympic Games on August 8 opening of the two meanings. Perhaps many people can not imagine, on the 8th on the collection in a limited edition "90 Changzhou, after" home. Recently, the reporter approached the "private sneakers Treasures." Master called him purely for collection.uggs on sale See "Slam Dunk"sneakers fall in love collection The "cow collection" and the name of Shen small firm, he's "Pavilion" is located in Yu Garden, a building within the lung. Perhaps a passing fancy, he recently home staged a "private sneakers Treasures Exhibition", only for friends to visit.Air Max Ltd 2 A door, the reporter was put on the shoes in the booth was shocked, Jordan Series 1-20 Three, James 1-7 generation of ranging, and most of the world's limited-edition sneakers, and almost all new. Indeed all are fine.Air Max shoes "This is a rare version of James SVSM generation, there are only 5 collections; This is the rare version of James the Five New York, the world's limited sale of 30 pairs; This is the generation of the first year of Jordan shoes, is also very rare ... ..." Little Jian told reporters, He is currently a sports ownership is 56 pairs of shoes, which is that he has been the number of rounds of screening, and mostpeakhas had more than 100 pairs. Collection was found to play should play a "fine", so they keep improving shoes Today, with 56 pairs of shoes in a small boutique firm is still on the first collection of his desire to evoke the first pair of shoes with deep feeling. According to reports, it was a pair of classic basketball shoes NIKE Air Jordan 1, the composition of red and black basketball shoes, the overall feeling of simplicity and noble, like Jordan, I like some of the details revealed in the king's regal air.Vibram Five Fingers Kso "It was to see" Slam Dunk "saw a Yingmuhuadao wearing this pair of shoes, so I would like to have a pair of exactly the same." Small firm said it was his in 2004, that is, on the seventh grade that he wanted to Favorites The first pair of basketball shoes. So he decided to buy these shoes, but the Air Jordan 1's price was still the beginning of life for him, certainly not small. As a result, parents of small firm on the one hand to the pocket money she saved, on the one hand their work to earn money, and finally got enough for a few, bought the long-awaited two-shoes, as his collection of "maiden." Since then, the collection has survived on so.Air Max 97 Has the world 's most collectible basketball shoes Now, after 90 shoes as the leader in the collector, a small firm that is not a simple collection of collections, but the collection of every story and every memory. "This circle of people outside might not understand that, but for us, in fact the collection of shoes and antiques, stamps, as are all of a culture, a lifestyle obsession." Kennedy told reporters that small, because like Michael Jordan and James, he began to collect their shoes.Air Max 95 "Here is a pair of shoes from the United States a few years ago I spent 480 U.S. dollars bought the online auction site, that is the Olympic Games Limited Edition, the latest was a 20,000 yuan a shoe you want to buy it, eventually I have not willing to sell, it's Memorial extraordinary value. "intentionally small firm to reporters about the place that a gold wooden shoe box in the James sneakers. "This is the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, James won eight teams with the dream, the company specifically for this version of him out of the global total of 114 pairs on sale, and my collection is the meaning of a remarkable 8, both at the national represents the commemoration of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the dream of eight teams. " "Re-double like this, is the campus version of the Five James, 30 pairs for sale on the world. At that time, line up the night before I asked a friend to help me buy, is not easy."Nike Air Max 95 "Search shoes" process is very excited to get to know a lot of friends at home and abroad "Another great collection of shoes, fun is the process of collecting, managing to finally get a pair of dream shoes, absolutely rewarding! But also made a lot of friends with common interest, there's also a foreign national," Little Kennedy told reporters that since 2004, the first pair of sneakers collection began after the big shoes of the site will be concerned about, and soon met through the network share a common love of domestic and foreign friends. Because of this common interest, they came together on the network. Previously, introduction of a new encounter, he would use his own set of "network of human resources" to search shoes. Later, in the domestic "size class" of the collector with the exchanges, be inspired, to collections to group my wife that the realm of worship, must have a "blockbuster."Nike Air Max 97 "Some models of sports shoes, as there is no sale in the country, some models only for sale on a city in the world, only a few hundred pairs of the world." To "excellence", a small firm to his collection of shoes and possession of Friends of the exchange, to many for rare. In addition, the possession of his friends as much as possible to get to know more, if necessary, also launched an overseas friend to help him buy. Slowly, over time the accumulation of many of his collection of shoes, Sneaker players become sought after, "Need." Right now, he probably under estimated, the world's most valuable pair of basketball shoes in his hand, a few pairs of shoes can be arrived Need a car. nike free 5.0 Disclaimer: This article is just my opinion, has nothing to do with the Fenghuang Wang. 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