TaylorMade Burner SuperFast

24/08/2010 14:46
Air Jordan 12Launch date : March 2010 Price : RMB5, 900 Keywords : flagship brand of Asian design TaylorMade brand director Tomo Bystedt:Air Jordan 13 This is a our super fast all the latest technology the perfect fusion of club , you can hit the ball solid , and gives a faster clubhead speed and longer distance ball . This is any one of the other series of the 1st wood Burner can not do . We will also launch on the 1st female models Burner SuperFast wood, so that every golfer can enjoy Burner SuperFast brought speed and distance advantages .Air Jordan 14 Description : This One timber equipped with a 460cc clubhead , the clubhead design than the previous Burner One wooden smoother more aerodynamic , which makes the club can effectively improve the performance of players . This new head design also has a very high rate of inertia , can achieve ultra-high fault tolerance . In addition , it also has up to 4,500 mm of the face , is the TaylorMade wood at the largest face area 14% larger than Burner 09 . Such as Burner SuperFast shaft of the club has more must be accompanied by a larger face , because the long shaft so that ordinary golfers hit the ball harder in the moment and always maintain the vertical face , and by increasing the effective hitting head Area for them to solve the problem. Burner SuperFast club face also use the new design , the design greatly improves the rate of head inertia in order to maximize the head of the fault tolerance , which makes players even hit a ball off-center shots can be satisfied Effect . In addition , the face also used the famous Inverted Cone technology to help golfers get when they mistakenly hit the ball long enough distance .Air Jordan 15 At which the wood is also known for application of TaylorMade 's double crown technology, which reduces the head after pulling the center of gravity to help golfers get a higher take-off angle and back spin . Double crown technique has been applied to Tour Burner and Burner 09 on the 1st of wood , its effectiveness is self-evident .Air Jordan 16 Evalua weighing only 285 grams (compared to the same family Burner 09 Burner 07 and two wood still light at 14 grams ), increased clubhead speed and distance, known as the " speed king " .Air Jordan 17