the World Cup month of memories part 1

26/08/2010 09:52
World Cup brand war air jordan Month-long World Cup 2010 South Africa has the smoke dispersed, how many classical fans will be the talk of the future and memories. Whether you support the team performs, I believe all 64 games and 145 goals or so fans who enjoyed his fill. Sleeping is not satisfied with the work and also not feel bad evil.air jordan shoes I believe in and watching the fans are naturally concerned about the players, players, referees and other equipment. From now on the market economy and economic point of view of the eye, sporting goods sponsors are devoting efforts. After the World Cup climax of the global sporting goods market will reproduce. In 2008, sales of soccer-related products reached 10.8 billion U.S. dollars in 2010 is expected to be higher than this figure. China sporting goods market in 2008 was about 130 billion yuan, is expected to grow in 2010 will be. Sports on the World Cup here on a little statistics, not difficult to see a winning or losing.Air Max 1, Adidas exposed himself out of a chip rateAir Max shoes The tournament's 32 teams in the Adidas-sponsored teams to 12, accounting for 38%, followed by Nike to 9, accounting for 28%, the third is Puma: 6 teams -19%. Other brand Brooks, Joma, Lecoq Sportif, Legea and Umbro each sponsored a team.Nike Shox Shoes 64 games, 38 games there you can see the shirt Adidas, Nike, and 23 of 32 field field Puma. Many of these brands and their impact (Adidas, 13 games, Nike, 4 games, Puma only a), but also a lot of the classic example: Argentina, Mexico, Germany and Argentina, as well as Spain, Germany, Brazil and Portugal.air shox Taken together, therefore the coverage Adidas chips to a higher, especially Adidas 13 games are exclusive games. Second, Brooks is best performance group stage, Legea without a sub-Puma womens shoes Let the eyes moved to the group stage, a total of 48 games, from the perspective of winning percentage: Nike performance of the best winning percentage was 48%; Adidas, followed by 40%; and the third only 28% of Puma . Judging from the scores: Adidas received 52 points, Nike got 44 points, Puma got 21 points. But on average, to see the best one was sponsored by Chile Brooks team matches with three of them fighting for a negative 6 points, 2 points per game won; followed by Umbro sponsorship of the England average, 1.67 points points; Nike's each get each team's score was 1.63 points, Adidas scored an average of 1.44 points; the worst is sponsored by the Korean team Legea without a point, unfortunately, but their World Cup Brazil War impressed the fans. Adidas Running Shoes