the World Cup month of memories part 2

26/08/2010 09:59
3, Puma winning percentage of 100% - 16 into 8air shox shoes Into the knockout stages of Puma-sponsored teams were eliminated in Ghana and Uruguay, the United States and South Korea, sponsored by Nike, Puma have led to a 100% winning percentage. Adidas's winning percentage at this stage performance is better than Nike: 67% vs 40%.Nike Basketball Shoes 4, 8 finals all kill each other Interesting race in the Top 8 are all brand of civil war, paving the way for the final is also: 1) will have two brands in the final showdown; 2) Adidas will enter the final. Degree of view from the contests, Netherlands and Brazil to World War II World War II Argentina and Germany have left a deep impression on fans, many fans are happy and sad. Nike Air Force Shoes 5, the last four games: Adidas wins Spain with a strong overall and point win over the Netherlands, after all, made history as the new Division champion. By the final rankings look at Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Uruguay, we are able to battle to the end of the brand of a seating arrangement: Adidas, Nike, Puma and so on. Overall winning percentage terms from three to 48% of the Adidas brand ranked No. 1, Nike to 37% of the second, Puma to 36% of the third.air force 6, the first arms are Adidas F50 Adizero World Cup total of 145 goals, the players wore She Menxue according to statistics as follows: Adidas F50 Adizero series with 45 goals ranked first 31% of the total goal, becoming the first World Cup in arms! Its users are: Villa,, Diego Gefu Lan, Suarez, etc.. Followed by Nike T90, 19 balls; Nike CTR360, 16 balls; Nike Mercuaial 15 balls.air force shoes