World Cup: the contest on the court and outside court battle

27/08/2010 10:43
After the 1998 military buildup, the World Cup line-up has reached 32 teams, grand, martial numerous, but shirt sponsor is highly centralized in three major sports brands: adidas, Nike and Puma being. The South African World Cup, the Big Three generous to sponsor another 28 popular team, leaving little 4 to scramble to other brands. Adidas sponsorship which include France, Spain, Germany, Argentina including the 12 teams will be enrolled, the number again lord; Nike Brazil, the Netherlands, Portugal and other support field strong teams, but play green card to limelight; Compared with nothing seems to move under the Puma, but it has the defending champion Italy, the shot of the shirt also won the red dot design awards, backing is not simple. It should be said in the adidas sponsorship in the relative upper hand, not only that he sponsored the ball on the high side, and he sponsored a good team performance in general, Spain has defeated the Dutch cup final. The Helanqiaqia is sponsored by Nike adidas team competition, competition within and outside the golf ball in Johannesburg.Air Jordan 2 The remaining four teams fighting for the same, and it finally grabbed the brand were four, one family, but also fair. Among the hottest hand to the number of England, the natural proximity and easier capitalists brand Umbro, the shirt engraved win the 1966 World Cup shirt, and invite the tailor CharlieAllen London SavileRow designed. Chile and Honduras by the United States and Spain, the brand Joma brand sponsorship Brooks, relatively not too many surprises. It is worth mentioning that a large popular Korean team, their sponsors are eight pole Dabu Zhao Danish brand Hummel, it is estimated that domestic sports brand to a bunch of young intestines regret. Such as Peak to bet on in the winter ridge strength of the Iraqi body, but who knows in the Asian Cup they only flash for a moment.Air Jordan 3 Adidas World Cup ads specifically for the launch of World Cup advertising Kappa "We Are One"card for the Adidas World Cup ad in addition to sports brand, fashion brand and will not let go of the world's largest sports The most important event. World Cup inspired a number of brands have launched products such as PaulSmith and Pull and Bear are related to men's T shirt; Crawford were offered a variety of flag socks; Umbro way, playing the wife, the idea of mission, invited competition, a team player the wife or girlfriend sexy shoot large, to attract female fans foot the bill.ZARA also launched the latest World Cup men's T-shirt, in fact, including DavidBowie T-shirts.Air Max 97 Also worth looking forward to Slovenia national team is loaded, one DirkBikkembergs Antwerp Six specially designed with DirkBikkembergsSportCouture fashion brand style, large with Aspect. First-line combination of luxury brands and the World Cup is even more simple, Louis Vuitton naturally generous, Pele, Maradona and Zidane to play three generations of world number one homogeneous commercials table football. More interesting is, Louis Vuitton has also produced a World Cup trophy in the box Fang Chen, trophies will be only a box across the oceans, the final day before 10 million viewers to open the box and remove the cup, this screen will no doubt keep fans and We are very excited fine fashion.Shox 309 NZ Mesh