AOL Marks 25th Anniversary With Portraits by Chuck Close

27/05/2010 10:28
Wednesday night at the New Museum, AOL Inc. will celebrate its 25th anniversary year with air jordan"The Project on Creativity." At the party, AOL will unveil several framed large format portraits by air jordan shoesthe artist Chuck Close that will soon be part of an advertising campaign, including the portrait accompanying this story of Dean Kamen, who invented the Segway and a wheelchair that Mr. Close uses to get around. The singer John Legend will perform at anAir Max after-party at the nearby Bowery Hotel. AOL will also be granting 25 scholarships of $25,000 each to "up-and-coming creatives" throughout 2010. "There's no other 25-year old Internet company," said Tim Armstrong, the current Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of AOL, inNike Shox Shoes his office the other day. "And with Chuck, we thought, let's go Air Max shoesbig or go home. He's never done anything commissioned, ever." The introduction between company and artist was made by the advertising firm Partners & Spade. At least 10 boldface names, including filmmaker Gus Van Sant and actress Claire Danes, will be air shoxor have already been photographed for the project. A portrait of Dean Kamen byair shox shoes Mr. Close. Getting your portrait taken by Mr. Close is "the equivalent of having Norman Rockwell paint you," Mr. Armstrong said. (For the record, Mr. Armstrong doesn't own any Chuck Close art, but he says he would like to someday.) Mr. Close explained that the company "saw in Nike Basketball Shoesme someone who's not typically for hire." "I take unvarnished photographs," he said from Nike Air Force Shoeshis downtown studio. "The people are not made up within an inch of their lives. I photograph the way they look." AOL allowed Mr. Close to be part of air forcethe selection process. "We're mixing and matching professions, either in sports or theater or science." he said. The suggestion is that this has been a company that people have been involved with for years, and these are the kinds of people who were and are AOL users." As for Mr. Close, he said he came relatively late to the Internet. Whether he uses an AOL address himself, "It doesn't matter," he said. Air yeezy Air Jordan 1 Air Jordan 2 Air Jordan 3 Air Jordan 4