Bernanke,Trichet see key emerging economies role

02/06/2010 10:32
U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said the world economy depends ever more on moncler womenemerging markets to maintain strong domestic growth and economic and financial stability. "Improvements in emerging market policies andmoncler clothing policy frameworks ... have ramifications beyond the emerging market economies themselves," he said in videotaped remarks prepared for delivery to a conference sponsored by the Bank of Korea. Bernanke did not discuss the outlook for the U.S. economy or interest rates. His remarks were echoed by European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet who said in Moncler Jacketsseparate videotaped comments to the conference that emerging economies have been a source of strength in the global financial crisis. "One distinctive aspect of this crisis has been its originating inMoncler Jackets on sale industrial economies. Emerging countries have also been severely affected, but as a group remained a source of strength for the world economy," Trichet said in the prepared comments. Commenting on South Korea, Bernanke said actions taken by Moncler T-shirt on saleits government and central bank since the Asian financial crisis of the late 1990s helped it weather the crisis that swept economies around the world in 2007-2009. South Korea had amassed a budget and trade surplus and pushed banks tomoncler online prepare for shocks, Bernanke said. In addition, its central bank's move to focus on domestic price stability rather than on stabilising exchange rates also helped the country during the turmoil. As a result of a formal inflation-targeting regime adopted bymoncler jacket South Korea's central bank in 1998, it could lower rates during the crisis without scaring investors off, Bernanke said. "In earlier crises, foreign investors were not inclined to Moncler T-shirtgive emerging market policy makers the benefit of the doubt when they promised low inflation and sustainable fiscal policies," he said. (Reporting by Krista Hughes in Frankfurt and Mark Felsenthal in Washington, Writing by Jonathan Thatcher; Editing by Tomasz Janowski) Two-thirds of consumers citing a financial planner as Moncler outlettheir main adviser are in regular contact with their planner, and consumers find financial planners to be the most accessible of financial advisers used, the survey found. Only 15 per cent of those aged 40-plus using a planner asmoncler coat their main adviser have not contacted their financial adviser in the past 12 months. Retail planners versus industry fund planners The finding of both surveys demonstrates that advice is in demand, with financial planners the first point of call. The question now is with low-cost advice slowly becoming more available, will clients prefer a retail financial adviser or industry fund financial planner? "At the end of the day, if I was a retail planner and I was offering good value to my customer, and I'm removing the fees debate from this, whether it's commission or fee for services, I think the material thing from a customer's point of view is they are not fussed whether they are a retail planner or industry fund planner," Equipsuper manager of communications Geoff moncler men moncler women moncler coat moncler vest moncler online