Cyclone "Phet" leaves 15 dead, thousands homeless in Pakistan

11/06/2010 10:00
The fearful cyclone "Phet" turned into meremoncler online gusty wind pressure as it slipped into India's Rajasthan coastal desert area on Monday, after taking a toll of over 15 lives, injuring several dozens and leaving thousands homeless in the coastal belt of south Pakistan. "The cyclone is over," said Director General of moncler salethe Meteorological Department Qamaruz Zaman Chaudhry. "It is reduced to just a wind pressure." "Now, fishermen can sail into sea to Moncler men Hoodyfetch fishes," said Chaudhry, declaring the coastal waters as completely safe for sailing while ruling out the possibility of further rains in southern Sindh province. However, he said the eastern Punjab province would get rains during the next 24 hours. Heavy rains and winds lashed Karachi and other coastal cities onMoncler men T-shirt Sunday, killing at least 15 people, most of them electrocuted, and injuring several others as the cyclone swirled along the country's coastal line. Life is paralyzed in Karachi, Pakistan's largest city of Moncler men Polo shirt15 million inhabitants, and in Hyderabad, the second largest urban center in Sindh province, and in the smaller cities such as Thatta and Keti Bandar along the coastal line of Pakistan in Sindh and southwest Balochistan province October 2002: Protests to clean up former UCIL factory site inMoncler men Jackets Bhopal that activists say contains thousands of tonnes of toxic waste. May 2003: The Indian government formally conveys its request forMoncler women Jackets extradition of Anderson to the US. March 2004: A US court says it could order Dow Chemicals to Moncler men Down Jacketsclean soil and ground water in the abandoned factory site if the Indian government provides a no objection certificate. The Indian government forwards the certificate to the United States. June 2004: The US rejects India’s request for extradition of Anderson saying the request does not “meet requirements of certain provisions” of the bilateral extradition treaty. July 19, 2004: India’s Supreme Court orders the Central Bank to Moncler men Vest Jacketspay out more than 15 billion rupees, part of the original $ 470 million received as compensation kept in the account since 1992. October 25, 2004: Bhopal gas victims protest the failure ofMoncler women Down Jackets the government to pay victim’s compensation. October 26, 2004: India’s Supreme Court sets deadline of Moncler men Vest JacketsNovember 15 to pay out the rest of $ 470 million paid by Union Carbide as compensation. June 7, 2010: All eight accused, including the then Chairman of Union Carbide Keshub Mahindra, in the Bhopal Gas disaster case convicted by a court.Air Max LTD2 Women Air Max LTD Trainer Air Max LTD Women Air Max Terra Ninety AIR MAX TN10