Field was the first to propose a separate concept of basketball shoes

25/08/2010 10:46
Field was the first to propose a separate concept of basketball shoes , the impression is the brand ... if I remember correctly , ANTA launched the " cement killer " basketball shoes .... Air Max Ltd 2Let's say nothing about the product is good or bad , but it is undeniable .. ANTA is really the first to do a separate field made the brand basketball shoes ..... After half a year , Li Ning launched a specific field of the "Bull "series of basketball shoes , although no celebrity endorsements , but along with michelin rubber , are also considered to occupy a number of low-end market ( their children , get hands- up , not in This is to say a ).......Air Max Tn In last year's third quarter , NIKE also raised ALL DAY .. started to promote the concept of all-weather field basketball ...... Of course, the biggest international brands and domestic brands difference is that the star has a strong resource .......Air Max Tn(Special Edition) NIKE basketball shoes of a foreign field shot , the two played their trump card ... Kobe . Bryant and LeBron . ..... James Both field designed specifically for shoes NIKE dream season and Zoom lbj ambassador became the main summer ..... In particular, NIKE dream season, along with KOBE popular and XDR wear rubber ... as many people outside the field of choice for the third quarter ......Women Air Max Ltd This summer, in the just-concluded KOBE Chinese line, he brought a dream for everyone season II on behalf of the ... There is no doubt that this has become a concern the third quarter of shoes .. In addition to the two popular spicy chicken KOBE and LBJ , the year's third quarter .. NIKE basketball shoes outside the field of housekeeping and even moved out of their magic Joe Classic .....Women's Air Max 90 Unveiled and Air Jordan 2010 style basketball shoes similar field ... Air Jordan Outdoor 2010, to seize foreign basketball shoe market is crystal clear .......Women's Air Max Ltd 2