Groups together the world's famous brand GMC

26/08/2010 09:40
Groups together the world's famous brand GMC - Adidas 's Reebok brand GMC joining groups cheap shoesMay 5 , the world's leading sporting goods manufacturer Adidas (Adidas) 's Reebok (Reebok) formally joined as members of groups GMC brands , which will step for the group GMC brands into the world , into an Strong driving force !cheap nike shoes Reebok (Reebok) is second only to Nike (Nike) of the United States 's second-largest sports goods maker , ranked third in the United States and worldwide have a great influence. Reebok (Reebok), Philips (Philips) and other manufacturers have joined the world's leading groups of brand GMC, GMC brand has been implied that the field of international trade is widely recognized .Nike Air Jordan Shoes Global Market Group as a leading high-end B2B international marketing agency , now has the industry's most powerful high-end B2B customer base , high-end B2B 's Navigator , GMC members have , including Reebok , Philips, Haier , Midea, Glanz , TCL, Changhong , Zhi Gao, Supor and other well-known leading manufacturer. As , group brand GMC growing international influence , in international trade is becoming increasingly important , more and more manufacturers join the group of outstanding brands GMC, GMC brand group is expected to become the world's most influential Groups of high-quality brand manufacturers , as buyers in the international procurement of the preferred brand !Nike Air Max Shoes