Li Ning shoe signed by Turner To expand the U.S. market

01/09/2010 11:31
recent CNBC, according to American media reports, recently, a famous Chinese brandLi Ningand this year's second placeAventNamibia signed a multi-year work contract. This is the ChinesebrandLi Ning is concerned, be regarded as a landmark change. Li Ning Company Turner is by far the only sign of a potential star, but, this is the first time since the league with Turner Sports signed a contract.ugg outlet online When we talk about well-known brand of basketball when supplies are basically dominated by NIKE and ADIDASES, these two brands in the past several decades has occupied most of China's high-end market, so why talk when Basketball supplies from the top when talking about these locals, rather than our domestic brands such as Li Ning and so on. From the present situation, from a number of sporting goods companies down to the students, all of these foreign brands have a very clear picture, but we rarely refer to our Guochan brand in the U.S. market in the end how? Concept in the American consumer, the Li Ning brand occupies what position? We have not spoken about.air jordan shoes    And Turner's arrival might give the Chinese basketball market supplies in the United States changed. Why is this? The reason is simple, because Turner is a potential star, like Shaquille O'Neal and Baron Davis and other veterans, old age has been a warrior, and Turner is the first company to complete the signing of basketball products, which Li Ning in terms of whether the company is developing a strategic plan or from the market after both opened a lot of precedent.Air Max In the past few years, Li Ning and other companies in order to open the U.S. market, they have signed a few players speak for the meaning of some dead end. O'Neal and Davis signed with Li Ning,Peakand Shane Battier and Jason Kidd signedANTAcontracted with Kevin Garnett and Francis, these players are far from over gas, but have been compared to Turner is not a glorious future.Vibram Five Fingers After the completion of both sides signed, it means starting from the next season will wear Li Ning Hou Tena brand's boots in theNBAarena, flanked by the Li Ning brand will also witness the rising stars from immature to mature, if Turner has been able to development imaging such superstar Kobe Bryant, then there must be Li Ning brand medals on half. Li Ning, the significance of this is far from a simple text description.air force shoes Li Ning, the first development in the United States where is Portland, where have their flagship stores. In order to expand the brand's sales volume in the U.S. market, Turner wearing Li Ning brand in the future would certainly attend more meetings and the basketball carnival, etc., will be more involved with customers and fans to meet activities. Also, another thing to note is that Turner's agent, David Fork, but a well-known broker, of course, Michael Jordan is his account will one of the owners, and became known as Air Jardan series is also from his and the hand of NIKE Inc., which Turner and the addition of Li Ning Company's development layer of protection.MBT Shoes