Need for good foster parents is increasing

25/05/2010 14:34
That is about the population of Grosse Pointe Woods. That is how many fans attended Detroit Tigers games right afterair jordan Pudge Rodriguez was traded. (No, not really.) That is also the approximate number of children in foster care in Michigan, nearly two-thirds of who are inair jordan shoes metro Detroit. The good news is that the number has declined from 19,000 three years agoAir Max and 17,000 two years ago. The bad news? The number ofAir Max shoes foster care parents is dropping even faster. 'People are stressed' The economic crisis that hit Michigan harder than every other state has had anNike Shox Shoes impact on foster care as well, said Debora Matthews, CEO of the Children's Center, one of at least 15 Wayne County children's service agencies that work with the state Department of Human Services to care for children in crisis. "Because of economics, we're not able toair shox renew some foster parents because they've lost their jobs, lost their homes and they no longer qualify under the rules," she said. "The other thing is we're not able to attract new parents. People are stressed with their own issues and their own kids. It's too hard to bring in another child." Coupled with the fact that state reimbursements for foster children's costs have not kept up with the rising costs of children, the state is facing its toughest time in years finding temporary homes for children in trouble. Foster parents in Michigan typically get room and board payments ofair shox shoes $14 to $18 a day; some receive additional funds for children with extreme medical problems. "I think the state has to, inNike Basketball Shoes some way, find greater incentive and assistance for families," Matthews said. A desperate need The state is doing its part toNike Air Force Shoes make foster parent approval easier. It relaxed decades-old standards that used to prevent single people and young people from being foster parents. But one thing it can't afford is marketing. Enter the Children's Center, which is using May -- National Foster Care Month -- to air forcetry to spread the word. "If you're someone who's just out of college and have a decent job, you may think you can't be a foster parent," Matthews said. "Yes, you can."Air Jordan 5 Air Jordan 6 Air Jordan 7 Air Jordan 8 Air Jordan 9